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Are children allowed?

We are not catering for young families at Tobago I’m afraid.

Our children are 9 and 11, and even they still get nagged quite a lot when they’re here…! We are not precisely laying down an age-limit, because it boils down to whether you think your children will respect the flat – this means not climbing/bouncing on furniture, not wearing outdoor shoes in the flat, not running around or shouting, not eating anywhere but at a table, and not taking any drinks anywhere apart from in the cup/straw glasses we have provided, and using coasters with them. In fact, to drive the point home, we ask youngsters to sign a pledge that lays out the rules. And yes, we’ve made ours sign it! To be honest, all of this is off-putting for some families – and I understand that. We would never have come to flat like this when ours were small!

From a safety point of view, Tobago has balconies, and in theory there is nothing to stop a child climbing up and falling; this is the main reason we would suggest that only mature Key Stage 2 age children come whom you deeply trust not to take any risks, and who will respect the rules to help keep the place looking lovely.

Also, we have not catered for young children in terms of cots, high chairs, mattress-protection against bed-wetting etc, and whilst there is a lift in Tobago, the carpets in there are actually quite difficult to manoeuvre a pram on.

All in all, Tobago is best for couples, and older age children in a family unit.

What’s included in our stay?

Included is all bedlinen, which will be on the beds for you.

Each person in the booking will have one bath sheet and one hand towel. There are also hand towels in both bathroom and cloakroom for handwashing.

Teatowels and all dishwashing sundries are included.

We will put one pint of semi-skimmed fresh milk in the fridge, and one small wholemeal loaf. Teabags and coffee will be available. You may also find other complementary goodies!

Since we use this holiday flat ourselves, we keep a store of staple foods and frozen foods so that they are there for us to use whenever we rock up. We are very happy for guests to avail themselves of these, and ask simply that you replace what they have used before they leave. So if you arrive later than you hoped and don’t want to go out, you can usually knock up some pasta or rice from store cupboard ingredients or frozen foods. We can tell you more about these staples in your booking pack.

Is there a washing machine?

I’m afraid Tobago doesn’t have a washing machine. Space was tight in the kitchen so we sacrificed one white good for a giant crazy orange fridge and a seating area. When we are there for a week or longer we use the Launderette in Sackville Road, in the main area of town.

What media is there on the televisions?

The television in the Lounge is a 55″ TV which has BT YouView on it, and Tobago has the BT Sports package. This means you can record and pause etc, as well as view the last 7 days TV on demand.

The Games Room has a smaller TV, and this is FreeView only.

You can of course bring your Firestick or other media device and hook up to either TV – there is always-on WIFI.

Are any toiletries included as part of our stay?

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is complementary, as is handsoap in both the bathroom, the cloakroom, and the kitchen.

We can be quite a noisy family; will this be a problem?

Our building-mates are in the majority older folks, and so we do expect all guests to behave with the utmost courtesy – Tobago is not a loud party-house, and we would never wish to upset our neighbours. To be honest, if you are looking for somewhere to relax and not worry about shouting kids, loud music or blasting televisions, then Tobago is probably not for you!

We are looking for a hen/stag place to stay - does Tobago fit the bill?

I’m afraid not, we’re sorry. As Tobago is in a block of flats, there is the possibility that loud music, late nights, and too much noise late into the night could substantially upset our neighbours, and we would never want to jeopardise their comfort by allowing noisy guests to stay. Find a detached cottage somewhere – much better!

Is there any complementary food included? ie Tea, Bread etc?

We will pop a pint of milk and a small loaf of bread for you, so you’ll at least be able to make a cuppa!

Do we need to recycle while we’re there?

Yes please, you must be a good recycler whilst in Tobago, so if that’s not your thing, Tobago’s not the place for you! Tobago’s kitchen bin has a section for refuse and a section for recyclables. Recycling for newspapers, flyers, paper, glass, plastic bottles, and also many other household items is to the rear of the Tobago carpark and garages area. Cardboard can be recycled at the nearby Sainsburys.

Are the duvets hypo-allergenic?

We made the choice not to use feather in any of our bedding, in case of potential allergies. All our duvets and mattress protectors are from Soak & Sleep from the Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre duvet range.

What is the parking situation?

Tobago is one of 29 flats in one of the 6 ‘Caribbean’ blocks which grace the promenade of Bexhill on Sea. There is parking at the rear of the block, as well as easy parking on Brockley Road or even the sea road itself, West Parade. Parking is never an issue. If you wanted to unload, there is ample space to briefly park by the lobby, unload into the lobby, then park, without causing an obstruction.

In summer parking areas including the surrounding roads may be a little busier, but in our experience we have never found parking to be an issue.

If it’s a flat, what is the entry situation?

Tobago is a very secure building, so you will need to ensure you have your keys on you! Entry is via a door to a lobby, and then a fob-activiated buzzer system to get through to the communal hallways. Once in the hallway you have access to the stairs and lifts. In the lobby are also the doorbells for the individual flats. The external lobby door is locked at 6pm for added security so guests are by appointment or key access only, as there is after 6pm no means of ‘ringing the doorbell’. Tobago is situated on the 6th floor.

We are wheelchair users; is there a lift?

Yes, Tobago has a lift, and once in the flat everything is on one level. The carpets are brand new and thus quite thick, and may be a little more difficult to manoevre on than other types of flooring. Due to the building rules and regulations, all areas in the flat apart from kitchen and bathroom must be carpeted to help minimise noise pollution.

What make is the coffee machine?

The coffee machine is a Krups Oblo and is a Dolce Gusto compatible. You are welcome to a complementary coffee each day but we only have Lattes. So if you have a preferred coffee, do feel free to bring your fave dolce gusto pods!

Is there a hairdryer?

Yes – you will find the hairdryer in a right-hand drawer of the master bedroom dressing table.

Is there an iron and ironing board?

Yes, you will find the iron and ironing board inside the wardrobe of the second bedroom. The ironing board is hanging on a hook and the iron is safely up high on the shelf.

Guests are requested only to do ironing in the kitchen, and to ensure the iron is turned off after use.

If it’s carpeted, do we need to remove shoes on entry?

We’ve decided to model guest behaviour on our own – we command our kids to remove their shoes when they enter, because children’s capacity for putting their shoes on sofas is outstanding. We assume adults will not put their shoe-clad feet on the sofa, so we leave it to you.

What are the next steps after we book?

We use Sykes Cottages to handle our bookings, so they will guide you through the process. Click here to search for availability, pricing and to make your booking.

Once booked, you will receive information on picking up the keys. In some cases, we will arrange to get the keys to you, or give you an address in Bexhill where you can pick the keys up. Due to the high maintenance standards of Tobago and strict rules on the gardens and surrounds, it is not possible for us to put a KeySafe box anywhere on the premises, so arrangements specific to you will have to be made for key collection.

Tobago itself will also have a copy of our Welcome Pack, so any further queries you have should be answered in there. Failing all of that, you will also be able to ring us – we will include our mobile numbers in your Welcome Pack.

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